Medals belonging to WWII veteran discovered in storage locker

LOUISVILLE, KY – A highly decorated veteran’s legacy might have been forgotten, if not for a lucky discovery made by a Kentucky couple.

Stephanie and David Kalbaugh work at Aladdin Self Storage in Louisville. While cleaning out some units they stumbled upon an incredible collection of medals dating back to World War II.

“He’s got bronze stars, silver stars, and purple hearts,” David Kalbaugh describes. “It looks like he spent the whole time in World War II. He started out at one campaign in Europe and then finished up in Asia.”

An Air Force vet himself, David closely studied each medal, discovering they belong to a man named Anthony Grunder.

“They’re real special,” Kalbaugh says. “That man basically laid his life on the line for our country.”

The Kalbaughs are hoping to track down Anthony or his family members, but haven’t had much luck so far.

In the meantime, they’ve decided to give anthony the recognition he deserves by putting the medals on display – and local vets have been touched by the collection.

“They tell stories about them,” Stephanie Kalbaugh says. “It takes them back to a time when they were in the military and it’s really emotional.”

Looks like these medals landed in the right hands – but the search continues. Anthony Grunder and family – if you’re out there – a very special collection is waiting for you in Louisville.

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