Mexico to charge “sugar tax”

HOUSTON, TX – The country of Mexico has done what the gringos in United States dared not to do — tax sugar.

The decision came at least partly in response to Mexico surpassing America as the world`s fattest country in 2013. Yep. We`re number two!

Apparently not proud of the world`s fattest title, the government acted. And Mexicans looking to buy a Coke or a bag of Tootsie rolls or chow down at El Pollo Loco will have to pay 8 or 10 percent more.

The decision in Mexico comes as health advocates in the United States and around the world have begun zeroing in on sugar, with some warning it`s even as dangerous as nicotine and should be regulated as such.

What`s so bad about sugar anyway?

There`s a growing amount of scientific evidence which argues that excessive sugar consumption affects human health beyond simply adding calories. Specifically these studies say sugar consumption causes high blood pressure, leads to high triglycerides, promotes diabetes and even accelerates the aging process.

Eat a 100 Grand, and you turn 100?

Anyway beverage companies, such as Coca Cola, are concerned that the tax, if successful, could spread to other Latin American countries and eventually even into the United States.

Fat chance — see what I did there? — of that happening though. Americans don`t like their taxes and their nanny states. But we do like super-sizing our food.

So Mexico, we`re coming for you.

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