ACLU wants police tasers out of schools

HOUSTON – It’s time for Texas to clean up its schools. That’s the message from civil rights groups across the state who are looking to have police tasers expelled from Texas campuses.

The A.C.L.U., along with a laundry list of other advocacy groups, is asking the Texas Education Agency to ban school police officers from carrying tasers on campus and using them on students.

There have been a string of incidents involving campus police tasing students across the state, but the catalyst behind the ACLU’s push to have the devices banned is 17-year-old Noe Rivera. Rivera was tased by an officer at Cedar Creek High School in Bastrop last November. He fell and hit his head on the floor and ended up in a coma and suffering brain injuries. And while cases like this are rare, violence in high school is not. Which makes it a sticky issue for authorities.

“Everybody has a different effect with tasers and they can be deadly,” Houston parent Madlyn Prudhomme says, “so I wouldn’t reccommend it at all.”

Keith Palmer disagrees. “Some of the violence that’s going on in the schools, there may not be any other way.”

Nonetheless, opponents may be barking up the wrong tree. The T.E.A. says it’s doesn’t have the authority to prohibit law enforcement from wearing guns, tasers or any other weapon on duty. Only the state legislature can do that. We’ll let you know how this one turns out.

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