Hoping to Kick With the Dash


“For me, this is a league I’ve wanted to be in my entire life. I’ve played in a lot of leagues. I’ve trained my whole life this. I’ve trained hard , but this is the league that I want to be.”  Sara  Campbell is one of 140 ladies who took to the pitch at the Houston Amateur Sports Park hoping to land a spot on the new women’s professional soccer team, the Houston dash. There are only two rosters spots available so it would seem a long shot to make the team, but that’s not stopping players from all over the country to converge on the Bayou City.

Dash hopeful Catiana Vitanza came from Los Angeles and says, “Actually, I didn’t think this many girls were going to come out, but then I figured Houston is like L.A. and there are probably tons of girls playing here and I’m surprised by the turnout. It’s amazing.”

Brian Ching, Houston Dash managing Director of Expansion, says, “The more people that come out, the better the odds of finding someone that can come in and help us out and that we will bring into the preseason.”

For more than three hours, the ladies battled on the fields of play until one by one, the dreams of playing professionally were being shattered. Of the 140  players who tried out, only 20 would get invites to play on Sunday February 16th with chance for one of those players join the Dash when they begin their preseason training on March 10.



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