Philip Seymour Hoffman’s friend settles with National Enquirer

NEW YORK, NY – David Bar Katz is setting the record — and reputation of his friend Philip Seymour Hoffman — straight. He says the two were not gay lovers.

After the National Enquirer filed a false story claiming that Katz had come forward as Hoffman’s secret squeeze, Katz filed a lawsuit. The case ended up settling for an undisclosed amount.  Katz says he’s putting the money toward creating of a playwriting foundation. But he’s on another mission as too — to clean-up his late friend’s rep.

“He was not a partier, he was not someone who was in a spiral. He was not self-destructive in any way,” says Katz of Hoffman.

Katz found Hoffman dead, apparently from a heroin overdose. He says his friend was clean for some two decades, and spent most of his adult life completely sober.

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