NASA inventions that we use everyday

Hello science fans today we’re talking about NASA inventions.

When you think NASA, you think space. While that’s true some of things they created for outer space are now used here on earth daily.

If you use a water filter you’re familiar with awesome invention number one. Early in the space program, NASA needed a way to cleanse water in space for long periods of time. The creation of the water filter solved the problem.

How are missiles related to invisible braces? Translucent Polycrystalline Alumina, the stuff invisible braces are made out of, was created to protect the infrared antennae of heat seeking missiles trackers.

If you sleep on a memory foam mattress you can thank NASA. The open cell foam was created to lessen the impact of hard landings. Today it’s used for a variety of things including mattress toppers, pillows and seats.

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