Millennials go through 6 jobs by the time they’re 27-years-old

WASHINGTON, DC. – We already know millennials – born after 1980 – don’t just quit their jobs: they make viral videos about it! But not only that: the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says they tend to change jobs more frequently.

“Mill-men” held an average of 6 jobs from ages 18 to 27, while women worked 6.3 jobs. Maybe your grandma and grandpa got to keep their jobs until the day they retired, but the jury is still out on whether millennials are facing a tougher job market or if they’re just quicker to quit. Job security must have been buried somewhere along with your old walkman or a hard copy of the yellow pages.

Also, the more educated millennials are, the more likely they are to switch jobs along the way. Perhaps that’s a hint of the times to come. So, get ready for the next “milleni-a-move”, alright? And hopefully it’s a good one.

So remember: it’s always better to switch, than to be switched. If you’re fired; that ain’t cool.

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