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5.1 magnitude earthquake shakes Orange County

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ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA – There was a whole lotta wigglin’ on the west coast Friday night.

A 5.1 -magnitude earthquake struck the Los Angeles area, jolting nearby neighborhoods, even breaking some water mains.

Cars and fire trucks were forced to drive through soaked streets.

Folks from the U.S. Geological Survey say the quake’s epicenter was in Orange County.

Shortly after the shakin’ stopped, nearly two dozen aftershocks followed…. yikes.

It also caused a rock slide — that flipped this car on its top — and covered an entire lane of road with rocks.

A car hit them and flipped… luckily everyone walked away okay from the crash.

Luckily, police and firefighters found no significant damage to buildings and homes… a minor injury was reported in orange county, but that’s it.

Weekend’s are a fun time to shake it up, so let’s hope the only wigglin’ happenin’ on the west coast in the days ahead, involves a dance floor!