Fast food workers claim employers are stealing from them

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BELLAIRE, TX – Ever hear the saying “penny-wise and pound foolish?” Some folks are saying some fast food companies may be just that.

A national poll shows 89% of fast-food workers at Burger King, McDonald’s and Wendy’s claim their employers are stealing from them.

Lawsuits filed in California, Michigan and New York against McDonald’s for allegedly forcing employees to work off the clock, not paying overtime and deducting hours from time cards.

Managers aren’t “lov’n it” at the fast-food chain and say these things were done so they wouldn’t “blow labor” or spend more than what the budget allowed for workers’ hours.

Isn’t the minimum wage low enough for these hard-working folks?

The nationwide protest spread to the streets of Houston where some fast food workers are fed-up with their employers “having it their way.”

Rev. Ronnie Lister, a protester says “wage theft should be treated as any other theft. it should be prosecuted.”

These workers mainly want to know, where’s their money?