Bison stampede sparks talk of Yellowstone supervolcano eruption

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – Animals are often said to have a kind of sixth sense for disaster.

So does a herd of bison know something we don’t?

A visitor to Yellowstone National Park caught a stampede on camera, and now it has people wondering: Is the Yellowstone caldera is about to blow?

The Yellowstone caldera is a giant supervolcano beneath the park.

If it were to erupt, the effects would be disastrous. That would not be a good day to visit the park.

Oh, and just last December, researchers discovered the volcano’s magma chamber is 2.5 times larger than previously thought. So that’s comforting.

Survivalists are seeing this video as a signal to get ready for the “big one.”

That sounds ominous; should we be letting a bunch of bison send us into a panic?

According to Yellowstone spokesman Dan Hottle, “Those bison are running because that’s what they do every day in Yellowstone.”

Okay, fine, but how can we be sure that this time they’re not running to save themselves from imminent death?

Well, Hottle says the bison were actually running into the park in this video. Yeah that would be towards the supervolcano.

So unless these bison were on a kamikaze mission, it seems we”ll be safe from a massive volcanic eruption wiping out a large part of our country…for now.


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