Fort Hood shooting may have been sparked by argument over paperwork

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FORT HOOD, TX – We’re getting insight into shooter Ivan Lopez’s motive for killing four and wounding 16 others this week, and it could be as simple as an argument over paperwork.

Reportedly that argument was spurred by the HR office telling Lopez he would have to return the next day for a leave-of-absence application he requested.

Lopez’s family and friends remain in shock.

“It may never sink in,” friend Luke Huelskamp said. “I called back after the incident and his phone had already been disconnected.”

Meanwhile, the four slain victims are being remembered.

“I left a message on his phone, ‘Son, call me so I know if you’re okay or not,'” Mary Muntean, mother of victim Timothy Owens said. “Well, I never got no call from him. I thought, ‘oh, god! Please, don’t let it be.'”

As loved ones try to come to terms with the shooting, thoughts are turning to what we can do to stop these tragedies that are becoming all too familiar.

“We need to make it okay for soldiers to seek the help and do what they need to do and not be frowned upon like they’re not a part of the team,”┬ásaid Howard Ray, who witnessed the 2009 shooting at Fort Hood. “Often that’s what happens.”