Houston women rally for equal wages

HOUSTON, TX – Hey guys, know what day it is? It’s equal-pay day. According to labor statistics, today is the day women working in 2013 finally caught up with the salaries their male counterparts earned last year.

No joke.

While the numbers vary state to state, statistics show that women in the workforce earn an average of 20% less than men. And here in Houston, they’re sick of it.

“I just wanted to know what was different between them and me and how come I wasn’t being treated fairly,” small business owner Laurie Robinson told a group Tuesday as she recalled leering of the discrepancy between her paychecks and those of her male co-workers. “At that point in time the H.R. director told me that I didn’t want to make waves. I wanted to be happy where I was, after all, not only was I a woman, I was the only African-American woman and I should be satisfied in my place.”

They came together in Houston to call on legislators to pass laws protecting women in the workplace. And the message is being heard. In fact, President Obama signed an executive order making it easier for women employed by federal contractors to see how their wages stack up compared to their male counterparts.

“They say it’s a myth. But it’s not a myth – it’s math,” the President told a crowd of onlookers upon signing the order.

But apparently the President hasn’t been doing the math on his own payroll accounts. Analysis of White House salaries showed that despite all the political hemming and hawing, the President’s female staff members still made only $0.88 for every dollar male staffers earned.

So where does the buck stop? Only time will tell.

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