Bike task force has its own agenda; ‘Jerry’s Place’ horrible for basketball

DALLAS, TX – Biking is getting big in Dallas. So a number of city council members started a citizen bike task force to push a citywide bike share program and build an on-street cycling infrastructure.

Wow Dallas, that’s a surprisingly decent idea, problem is the task force has an agenda of their own. They want to abolish the mandatory helmet law that seems to be plaguing the streets.

Really Dallas? Sounds like your chosen group may have been hit in the head a few times; last we checked helmets keep that from happening.

Felt good to have the Final Four back in Texas. Too bad it was in Arlington. Even worse AT&T Stadium, it’s a terrible venue for a basketball game, but where else other than Jerry’s World will you find a video screen larger than the basketball court. Poor folks in the upper bowl couldn’t even see the game. But hey, spending hundreds on a ticket, parking and food, of course you want to watch the championship game on a $40 million dollar TV. Oh and here’s one thing you never want to see on your way to your seats — binocular rentals. Then again help with any experience in Dallas is always welcome.

And finally, to put a perspective on the post season, UConn not only won the NCAA Championship. They’ve officially won more playoff games at AT&T Stadium than the Dallas Cowboys, and the Cowboys have home field advantage. But is there ever an advantage to doing anything in Dallas?

UConn boasts two 2014 post-season wins on “da boys” field. Where the Dallas home team hasn’t won since the 2009 Wild Card playoff. Hey, there’s always next season. Well maybe; but probably not Dallas.

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