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Boston Marathon Bombing: One year later

BOSTON, MA – It’s been one year since two bombs exploded at the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon. The cowardly act killed 3 and injured more than 260 people. For 365 days Bostonians have shown the world their courage and strength.

Today, the Norden brothers (who each lost a leg) other survivors and victim’s families walked the marathon race route to mark the grim anniversary.  As the city and the nation continue to heal many are looking forward to this year’s Boston Marathon, including Houstonian Max Van Natter.

“I can’t imagine what they’re feeling and what they’re going through. Again, me going is in many ways in support of them and showing them that we’re not afraid and we’re there with them.”

His sentiments are shared by others.

“These terrorist acts that keep happening, we need to rise above them and prove that we’re resilient and we’re strong,” says Sally Duvall who’ll also be running in next week’s Boston Marathon.

Last year’s bombing changed many lives and you didn’t have to be in Massachusetts to feel the effects.

“It went from being a personal accomplishment to really sending a message. We won’t be defeated, you can’t stop us from doing the things that we love and we’re passionate about,” says Van Natter.

Maybe one day terrorists will learn, our country will not only endure but overcome any challenges we encounter. Houston strong, Boston strong, America strong.

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