Man dressed as Darth Vader running for mayor of Kiev, Ukraine

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KIEV, UKRAINE – He might’ve ruled a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. But today he’s looking to strike back and throw his shiny black helmet into the political ring! Sci-fi’s most infamous deadbeat dad, Darth Vader is running for Mayor of Kiev, Ukraine and this time around he’s hoping the force is strong with him at the ballot box.

The man under the mask is 58 year old Viktor Shevchenko and he is the candidate for the Ukrainian Internet Party. Fighting bureaucracy in state institutions is his platform and this Vader is ready to crush his opponents. Hitting the campaigning trail hard, Darth Vader is seen showing the Ukrainian people that a “lecture” is mightier than a lightsaber. And when he’s not publicly speaking, the Sith Lord is out and about, meeting his supporters, meeting the military and spreading his message.

According to his party’s website, this mayoral hopeful says, “The registration is completed. The first step towards the victory is made. Power is itself coming into my hands and I’m not ready to resist.” A response so Vader-like, even George Lucas couldn’t have written it better.

The election is scheduled for May 25th. Who knows, maybe this heavy breather is the breath of fresh air the Ukraine needs right now.