Playground “blade bandit” strikes in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO, CA – It’s an epidemic no one can believe! Remember a few weeks ago in Chicago when somebody stuck razor blades to playground equipment that ended up cutting 3-year-old, Madden Jenks?

Over in San Diego, another “blade runner” is on the loose. This time, nineteen razor blades were found in the grass at Bonita Cove, a park with beach access and playgrounds, two kids were cut so bad, paramedics had to be called.

“The 7 year old was actually embedded in his foot. Paramedics were able to pull the razor blade out,”
said Lt. Paul Phillips of the San Diego Police Department.

Parents are outraged because it seems like police can’t put a finger on who the blade bandit is.

One concerned mother says, “if they don’t catch this person my child is not going on that playground or the other one…cause it happened at both of them; and it’s three times it happened.”

Who would want to injure little kids at the beach? Playgrounds and beaches are supposed to be fun and care-free, right?

Back in the day, a merry-go-round was probably the most dangerous thing on a playground. Now, we’re having to watch for blades in the grass.