Draft Day Preview: The Texans’ past mistakes

texansHOUSTON, TX – A lot of voices are trying to sway who the Texans take as the number one pick in tonight’s NFL draft. Mayor Annise Parker even voiced support for Johnny Manziel!

The Houston fans are split.

Assuming they don’t trade down, tonight is the third time in franchise history the Texans will be getting the number one pick in the NFL draft.

Remember their number one pick back in 2002? A certain quarterback named David Carr. Most of us are aware of how that turned out.

The number one pick in 2006 was defensive end Mario Williams. He was great for the Texans, until he left to go be the highest paid defensive player in history for the Buffalo Bills.

The main message now from Texans’ fans: don’t screw it up!

Rumors are swirling of the Dallas Cowboys’ interest in Johnny Manziel. If he is still un-drafted when the Cowboys pick, we could be seeing him as the face of Houston’s rival city. Do we really want to see Manziel on ‘America’s Team’?

Clearly there is a lot at stake here. All of us are watching the clock as it counts down to draft time.

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