Houston man sues stripper to get his money back

HOUSTON, TX – One Houston man definitely thought a stripper liked him.

The stripper’s stage name is Nomi and a customer named Robert decided to spend nearly $3,000 on her. Now Robert wants the money back, and he’s suing Nomi to get it.

Nomi told News 92 FM, “I just don’t understand how this person can sue me for money that he freely gave. I would never have even taken it had I known I had to pay it.”

Robert sees the story a little differently.

Robert said, “We started going on dates, going out to places. I helped a little bit here and there, with money here and there. Because she was staying with me for a while because we actually had a relationship.”

Relationship or not, strippers aren’t necessarily known for refusing hand-outs.

Do strip clubs need to have pre-nups available?  Hmm…

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