HISD meals go “Lean and Green”

HOUSTON, TX – Hold the meat! Daniella Monet, who is best known for her role as Trina Vega on the Nickelodeon show Victorious, dropped into to H-Town to chat with students at Gregory Lincoln Education Center about eating healthy.

The 25-year-old actress was a vegetarian but is now a vegan, “When I became Vegetarian that just meant that I got rid of meat. About 10 years later I then got rid of eggs and dairy which basically takes out all animal by-products.”

Monet is working with the Humane Society to let people know the benefits of not eating meat. Before you freak out you should know the Houston Independent School District has been offering students a meatless lunch option since December. The program’s official name is: Lean and Green; but the students call it: “Meatless Monday!”

Meatless Monday may sound radical but many of these carnivores were open to the idea.

“Yes, I would be willing to try something without meat,” says Cristina Nagera.

Luis Espinoza agrees, “I’m open to not eating meat sometimes.”

Jaqueisha Hurd waivers a bit but agrees, “It might be healthier for me. It might taste good too to try different things besides meat all the time.”

That makes H.I.S.D. very happy.

“Our mission in the H.I.S.D. Food Services Department is get kids to eat good food and everybody knows that encouraging a little bit more of a plant based diet helps with all sorts of health issues,” says Ray Danilowicz who is the Executive General Manager of the H.I.S.D. Food Services Department.

Whether you agree the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, it’s all food for thought.

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