Cornyn asks President Obama to send FBI to investigate VA

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HOUSTON, TX – The VA scandal roadshow showed up in Houston when Sen. John Cornyn hosted what his office called a listening session with leaders of local veterans service organizations.

Cornyn’s visit came right after the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General released a damning report showing management schemes and fraud, and detailing how vets seeking care at the Phoenix VA were hidden away, kept off the books, to keep them from getting appointments.

The inability to receive medical care from the VA in a timely manner, if at all, was one of the concerns brought up in the listening session by Inge Conley, a disabled veteran.

“Our veterans are used to waiting in line. This is what we do in the military, hurry up and wait. But we should not have to wait in line for medical care.”

Cornyn told the group that he thinks the allegations have moved way beyond the abilities of the VA’s inspector general, and needs to be put in the hands of what he called world-class professional criminal investigators.

“I’ve asked the president to get the FBI to look into some of these issues, because if people have lost their lives as a result of evidence being destroyed, strikes me that there issues of criminal culpability there that need to be looked at.”

Sen. Cornyn wanted to hear from vets, and what he heard has that those who put their lives on the line for their country should not be sent to the back of the line by their country.