Flow of heroin into Houston on the rise

HOUSTON, TEXAS – From Mexico, straight to the veins of Houston.  Federal and state law enforcement agencies report an increase of 500% in the amount of heroin seized in southeast Texas over the past year.  With prices going down, the flow of smack to the Bayou City keeps growing.

“Heroin is probably the harder, if not one of the hardest drugs to withdraw from” – explained Bruce Allen Nixon, project manager for the Palmer Drug Abuse Program.    The drug cartels are taking advantage of a growing market for heroin in the Houston area.  The Houston Chronicle reports that while the price of heroin dropped from $1,200 per ounce in 2012 to $800 in 2013, the number of deaths in the Harris County attributed to heroin grew from 32 in 2012 to 49 in 2013.

“The appeal of using heroin and other drugs is that there’s a sense of euphoria right away” – said Nixon.  “It goes to the blood stream quickly and then to the brain.”

With the drug cartels so close, and a demand that’s soaring, this bloody problem is sure to continue.

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