Donald Sterling plans to take the NBA to court

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Donald Sterling just can’t seem to let go. The Los Angeles Clippers owner says he’ll take the NBA to court after all.

Sterling plans to pursue $1 billion lawsuit against the league.

He also withdrew his support to sell the Clippers to former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer for $2 billion.

Why the sudden change of heart? No one’s really sure.

But Sterling says “The team is not for sale.”

This isn’t too surprising since he warned he would do so back in May. Guess Sterling doesn’t make idle threats?!

But here’s the wrench for the tarnished Sterling: His wife, Shelly Sterling — the sole trustee of “The Sterling Family Trust” — agreed to protect the NBA against all lawsuits.

That means she’d be covering the costs of this lawsuit.

So in the end — Sterling is really suing… himself!

Way to put up a fight!