Mileage myths that will help you save some moolah

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HOUSTON, TX – When gas was pennies a gallon, easy to fill up the old land boat.

Now with over the top prices; what to do? First thing to do, we’ll dispelled some myths with the help of experts.

Myth or reality, driving a smaller car is cheaper on gas?

The EPA say size doesn’t matter.

Rusk Elatassi with River Oaks Goodyear says, “The technology has improved, so now they’ve done different variable fuel component systems in these trucks and that’s kind of improved fuel mileage as well.”

Next myth: Old school standard is more fuel efficient than automatic transmission?

Incorrect! Newer automatic transmissions are as efficient as the old stick shift and a heck of a lot easier to drive in traffic.

Yet another myth: It’s more efficient to idle your car than to turn it off?

“What the car requires to start the car up is minimal in comparison to having the car idle,” says to Elatassi.

As a matter of fact, you can waste a quarter to half of gallon an hour without moving an inch. But in the Texas sun, who wants to sit in a car without A.C.?

And a final myth: Premium gas improves your mileage?

The E.P.A. Says, other than cars specifically designed for the pricy petrol you won’t notice a difference, but our expert doesn’t buy it.

“Cars do run cleaner with higher octane and that causes better fuel economy.”

Here’s a tip to get your fuel to take you further: Make sure your tires are properly inflated, and that’s no hot air.