Is America still racially bias in 2014?

Is America still racially bias in 2014?

Remember that movie time to kill with Matthew McConaughey’s closing argument about a little girl who is raped and beaten he tells jurors to close their eyes and says ‘now imagine she’s white?’

The jurors were asked to put a white face on a dark story and it worked! A classic Hollywood ending! But it got me thinking. You think racial bias is still alive and well? Are you racist?

A recent poll said he’s the worst president since War II.

The worst? Sure, maybe there was a bait and switch on the hope and change thing; but ask yourself -would people hate him as much if he was white?

Would there be protestors in California be in front of buses with kids from Central America if the kids were white?

How did you feel when UT hired a black football coach? Charlie had a strong resume; but a billionaire booster, probably would have kept his mouth shut if Charlie Strong was white.

When you say something is a black and white issue it’s supposed to be clear and obvious – the answer is right In front of your face; but in 2014 it seems the color of your face still has a lot to do with what some people think.

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