N.C. lady faked drowning to get out of court appearance

MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NC – Kids faking to be sick so they can stay home from school?  Common trick.

Employees calling in on the job so they can have a free day from work?  You know who you are.

But what about faking your own death to get out of going to court!?

That’s what cops in Myrtle Beach, North Carolina say Amy Arrington did.

Amy’s husband, Paul Arrington, filed a false police report claiming his 42-year-old wife was missing and believed she had drowned at the beach.

At first, cops and the U.S. Coast Guard were fishing for Amy….

But where was Amy?  On the run!

When search crews never found a body, that’s when cops realized amy was a wanted felon and was supposed to show up at court the following monday, for identity theft and forgery charges.

Five days later, Amy turned herself in to Mecklenburg County Jail.

Cops booked her under the name Amy Robinson.

Whatever name she goes by, this goes to show ya the extreme measures people take to get out of facing responsibility.

If you do the crime, be ready to do the time.

Five days on the run could land Amy five years behind bars.

Wonder if she’ll try faking her death to get out of jail.  Bet that’ll leave her at a real dead end.

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