Spring community holds vigil for murdered family members

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Vigil take 2

SPRING, TX- Six members of the Stay family are gone. However, the memory of how they lived their lives will continue to be cherished.

The family of faith was celebrated at a prayer vigil in Forest Oaks Park led by Spring Baptist Church Pastor Mark Estep, who vowed to not let a tragedy like this tear the community apart. Instead, the pastor hope this tragedy will bring them together for Cassidy Stay’s sake. Cassidy is the lone survivor of the mass shooting that took her entire family from her on July 9.

Earlier today (July 16) a funeral for the six family members, Cassidy’s parents and four siblings, was held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, in Spring.

Police say Ron Haskell, Cassidy’s aunt’s ex-husband, went on the shooting rampage inside the family’s home when they wouldn’t tell him where his ex-wife was.

Cassidy’s bravery saved her life. She survived by playing dead and identified the suspect for police during a 911 call.

Haskell is charged with six counts of capital murder. As Cassidy mourns her loss during this dark time, her resilience and strength continues to inspire those around her.