Thor to undergo a sex change

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Thor to undergo a sex change

NEW YORK, NY – In a world ruled by the gods, where the mightiest stalk the halls of power, and where the strongest always protect the weakest, comes the marvel that is known to all mortal men.

Thor! The Goddess of Thunder?

That’s the plan, Stan. The folks at Marvel comics have decided to give Thor a sex change.

This whole female Thor thing is gonna foul up what little kids learned in school.

You know, Thor being the big, muscle-bound, long-haired Norse god who was always knocking bad guys around with his really big hammer.

The Marvel writers say this is not a She-Thor, or a Lady Thor, or even a Thorita.

Instead, she’s simply the Thor of the Marvel universe, unlike any Thor we’ve seen before.

The new Thor will join other Marvel female super heroes, like Captain Marvel, Storm, and Black Widow.

However, this new Thor brings into question the future of other marvel’s testosterone heroes.

But at least Scooby-Doo is safe, for now.