Would a proposed bullet train between Houston and Dallas affect rivalry?

Would a proposed bullet train between Houston and Dallas affect the cities rivalry?

HOUSTON – The bullet train is fast as lightning and would connect Dallas to Houston in 90 minutes or less, traveling at 205 miles per hour. That makes Six Flag’s ‘Texas Giant’ seem like a kiddie ride in comparison. The Texas Central Railway is proposing to bring on the bullet. So, who’s ready to go?

“I would not,” Houstonian Deebra Wilson declares, “because if anybody’s trying to get in a rush to get someplace that fast, they don’t need to go.”

If the plan goes through, we could be riding the bullet as soon as 2021. But with a decades-long rivalry between Houston and Dallas, you have to wonder, which would be a bigger motivation for riding the bullet, the opportunity to visit the other city, or the chance to ride a 205-mile-per-hour super train?

“Probably to go see Dallas,” Houstonian Paola Bernal admits, “just always wanted to go but my parents say, ‘oh no, the gas, we can’t go, blah blah blah, all that.'”

Henry Viera agrees. “I’m in it for both, you know, going to see Dallas, since I’ve never gone before, I want to see how the place looks, the environment, and while going 205 miler-per-hour.”

Sounds nice. What do folks in Dallas have to say?

“I would say both,” Leroy Klice says, “I’d take the train just to ride it and see what it’s like, but I’ve got family in Houston, so it’d be nice to go down and visit them as well.”

“I’ve got relatives in Houston I haven’t seen in a long time,” Darrel Davis considers, “plus, I’d like to ride on the train as well, it’d be something classy.”

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