FBI warns Houstonians about ‘virtual kidnappings’

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HOUSTON, TX - The FBI is issuing a warning about 'virtual kidnappings.'

"They are calling individuals by telephone, and demanding payment as a ransom for a kidnapped friend or family member; but in reality, no kidnapping has taken place and it's completely a scam," says Special Agent Shauna Dunlap.

That's right.  Scammers are targeting Houston doctors and medical professionals, claiming a member of the Cartel has kidnapped their child.
The FBI suggests keep quiet, don't give personal info, nothing about your family, and definitely don't pay them a cent.

"Most of these calls that appears are originating from overseas, so the chance we can affect an arrest and recover that money is gonna be pretty small," Agent Dunlap states.

A Houston doctor, who doesn't want his face or name shown on TV, actually got one of these calls from Mexico, while he was at work.

"He put someone on with a female voice, which seemed to be a child, screaming asking for daddy, daddy please come and get me," the doctor claims.

The doctor said the child's voice definitely wasn't his daughter's or anyone he recognized. So, he hung up and called the cops.  Family is priceless, but falling for a 'virtual kidnapping' scam could really cost you.