Ice Bucket Challenge breeds Rice Bucket Challenge

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HYDERABAD, INDIA - If you like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, you'll love the Rice Bucket Challenge. It's the newest version in India and it's a twist on the massively successful fundraising phenomenon.

Instead of pouring buckets of water and ice, you give buckets of rice to those in need.

An Indian journalist came up with the Rice Bucket Challenge and it`s going viral in India. It's on telvision news, Twitter, and it even has a Facebook page with thousands of likes.

Back in the states, superstar Matt Damon`s Ice Bucket Challenge took on special meaning. As founder of, Damon works on global water initiatives.

"We envision a day when everyone has access to clean drink of water and there`s about 800,000,000 people who don`t, so dumping a clean bucket of water on my head seemed a little crazy," said Damon

So Damon decided to take water from the toilet to use in the challenge, though he admitted it might seem strange.

"For those of you like my wife who think this is really disgusting, keep in mind that the water in our toilets in the west is actually cleaner than the water that most people in the developing world have access to," he said.

And with that, the actor, poured the ice and toilet water over his head. For charity, the buckets of ice - and rice - are really very nice.