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Simon Says: Apology not accepted

What’s the hottest gift this holiday season?

Two words: “ I’m Sorry.”

Yeah, It seems everyone is doing it these days. In Ferguson, Michael Brown’s step-dad, Louis Head,  is “sorry” for telling people to “burn this %^#$ down” after a Grand Jury decided not to indict.

Elizabeth Lauten, a now former aide to a Tennessee Congressman, apologized after ranting on facebook about President Obama’s daughters at a Thanksgiving media event.

It got me thinking: is saying “sorry” enough?

I don’t think it worked for people like Kanye West, Tiger Woods, Paula Deen and Mel Gibson.  They all had public apologies, but it didn’t do enough to get their popularity back.

I think that’s because saying two words won’t get you off the hook.  A “sorry” shouldn’t be shallow, it should have a deeper meaning.

I hope Head and Lauten remember that the next time they apologize.

Simon has some advice for them and  anyone else the next time they say “sorry”.

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