Police round up terrorists in Belgium, France, and Germany

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VERVIES, Belgium –  All across Europe, police agencies have put out the word to round-up the usual suspects.

Police in Belgium say they dismantled a highly coordinated plot to kill officers on public streets and at police stations. They killed two suspected terrorists and arrested at least 13 others.

In France, police have at least a dozen people in custody, but so far, they’re not believed to be connected to last week’s Paris terror attacks.

In Germany, police say they arrested two men in Berlin suspected of recruiting fighters, procuring equipment, and funding ISIS in Syria. The arrests came during raids on 11 residences.

European counterterrorism agencies are scrambling to round-up westerners who may have been fighting with ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and are home to launch terror attacks across the continent.

The White House finally showed up in Paris in the person of Secretary of State John Kerry laying a wreath at the site of the kosher supermarket attack.

In Washington, President Obama met with British prime minister David Cameron.

“I know David joins me when I say we will continue to do everything in our power to help France seek the justice that is needed and that all of our countries are working together seamlessly to prevent attacks and to defeat these terrorist networks,” said the President.

“And this morning we have agreed to establish a joint group to identify what more we can do to counter the rise of domestic violence extremism and to learn from one another,” Cameron said.

Meantime, the Pentagon says the US is sending 400 troops to Syria to train and equip so-called moderate Syrian rebels to fight ISIS terrorists.

The enemy of our enemy will hopefully stay our friends.