Relationship violence turned deadly for one Houston couple; can it be avoided?

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HOUSTON, Texas -- There's a lot of talk about domestic violence, but what about relationship violence? Need an example, the try May of 2014 at the MacArthur High School prom. An event to remember, that for Jacqueline Gomez and Eddie Herrera, turned into a nightmare.

Herrera claims that was the case for him when he woke up next to his date from prom, and she  wasn`t breathing. Herrera was charged with aggravated assault with domestic violence and serious bodily injury with a deadly weapon, after admitting his involvement this week.

"Ultimately Mr. Herrera was interviewed a number of times and admitted that he had strangled Ms. Gomez using, choked her with his hands. And that when he fell asleep she was on the bed next to him but when he woke up, he found her deceased," according to Harris County Assistant Disctrict Attorney Bill Exley.

Dating violence among teens isn`t uncommon explained Brittany Dawn Allen, with the St. Hope Foundation, "1.5 million high school students have been involved in some type of abuse or dating violence."

What can someone do to prevent a situation like this from happening? Can a parent protect their child from violence, injury, or death?

"Be aware, Be aware of small signs. If the person is calling you 3, 4, 5, 6 times, back-to-back because you didn`t answer the phone, or if they have anger management issues, they have to be aware and they have to protect themselves," added Allen.

For parents the advice is, "Talk to your children. Allow your children to be open with you and talk to you about everything."

But sometimes, even when everything possible has been done or thought of it's just not enough.

"Sometimes it`s still just not enough. We have to take extra steps to protect our children, we have to."