Technology is creating a safety disconnect

Grego sounds off on how some technology provides a safety disconnect.

"I feel there is a 'personal safety disconnect' among a segment of the population. Taking risks that could be life threatening. Cops want Google to get rid of the Waze traffic app police location alerts. Pinpointing their location makes them sitting ducks. I used Waze for a hot minute but deleted it after this messege: 'Allow Waze to access your location even when you are not using the app' in the terms it goes on to say the app creates a detailed history of all the journeys you've made while using the app. That's tracking! Helpful to anyone looking to find you! Uber, I know it's cool and everybody's using it. Not me though since you could be getting into a car with psycopath. Grego you're crazy! Am I? (Well I am talking to myself) but a California woman 'kidnapped' by an Uber driver last summer and last week in Chicago for the second time in less than three weeks, an Uber driver has been charged with sexually assaulting a passenger. A dude going after other dudes! Yes, technology and apps open up a world of options but we shouldn't assume a guarantee of safety! A Georgia couple that used Craigslist to find an old Mustang is believed to have been lured to their own murders! Yet, Craigslist users in the northeast were soliciting strangers to come over while it snowed last night to hang out, make out and hook up! Yeah? Taking a cue from the lunatic woman who married herself, if you're that hard up, a bootie call to me, myself and I might be a safer option! Be safe not sorry!"

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