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Here are the 10 best April Fools’ Pranks of 2015 (so far)

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Well, here we go. It's April Fools' Day. Get ready countless pranks and PR stunts.

Here are our 10 favorite pranks (so far):

#10 | Samsung's Galaxy BLADE -- "the world's first smart knife with smartphone capabilities"

#9 | Amazon goes all 1999 on the Internets

#8 | Honda: The Selfie Edition

#7 | Bouncy supermarket aisles at Tesco

#6 | Google launches

#5 | Selfie Shoes?! Thankfully, yes... these are not a real thing.

#4 | Google Fiber launches "Dial-up Mode"

#3 | Smartbox by Inbox: "The mailbox of tomorrow"

#2 | WestJet announces #SmartSeats. WALL-E anyone?

#1 | PAC-MAN takes over Google Maps