Houston high school student punched in face, caught on camera

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HOUSTON - Ever wonder if your kid is getting the most of their learning experience at school?

One concerned mom of a Westbury High School student sent us video of what she says is her son being bullied in class.

"Christian is sitting here in the chair talking to someone, and all of a sudden this guy comes and just hit him in the face," Andrea Dancy explained as she played the video.

"Out of nowhere I just felt this thing like something hit me on my mouth," said student Christian Cato.

A student can be seen standing behind another student, then punching him in the face.

"Bullying is an non-stop thing at Westbury High School. It continues, and there are kids that are being bullied and really don't want to say nothing," Cato further stated.

Cato's mother, Andrea Dancy, says the bullying has only escalated, and now her son has even had to go to counseling to deal with the issue.

"There's one young man in his class that just makes it his business to give Christian a hard time on a daily basis," she claimed.

Dancy says she's complained to the school about the incident, and feels they've failed to take care of the problem. "They just document everything. That's all they do is just document all the incidents," she further stated.

Houston Independent School District is looking further into the incident for any record.

We all know classrooms are for learning, but what happened in the video sure doesn't look like anything we've seen in a textbook.