Turf war in Galveston Bay: It’s all about the oysters

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HOUSTON, TX - Shucks! What we got here is a good old-fashioned turf war, turned into one big boating brawl in Galveston Bay.

Here’s what’s happening, Prestige Oysters got a lease with Texas Parks and Wildlife to farm oysters in Galveston Bay. Then, a company called Sustainable Texas Oyster Resource Management or S.T.O.R.M. says, the Liberty County Navigation District leased the land to their company. Thinking this trumped any other leases and giving them the proprietary right and no one else to be there for any reason, especially oyster farming.

Sounds like a bunch of he said, she said, and the only pearls truly hurting from the feud are the oysters. Has anyone stopped to think about the oysters?