Youth gone wild?

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Grego sounds off on the clash between police and youngsters, and says it's the youth that's gone wild.

"Police excessive force again being debated after a McKinney officer`s actions caught on camera, with an angry mob in one neighborhood. The one time 'officer of the year' is currently on leave. More details and perhaps 'blame' to come! An incident between cops and concert goers happened at a summer jam festival, when New Jersey state police used tear gas to disperse crowds trying to crash the gates without tickets and later, to make people leave!  Because asking nicely wasn`t working I guess. The issue I think is less respect than ever for authority by teens and young adults.  Starting in the home!  Used to be when mom or dad gave an order, whatever it was, you immediately stopped whatever you were doing, didn`t talk back, if only to say yes sir or yes ma`am and got after it. Why? Out of fear of the punishment that awaited if you didn't obey! Pain was a good motivator but more than that, our parent's fuses were a lot shorter!! They demanded respect!! And didn`t tolerate much before they raised their voices, the pots and pans and whatever else they could get their hands on!! You learned respect!! Why? Because they said so!! Today, softer parenting has given rise to youngsters really good at talking back, and moving slow as molasses when they begrudgingly decide to obey a command, if at all! Many disciplinary tools of old have been labeled too harsh by today's standards. So, if kids aren`t gonna listen to their parents, imagine how empowered they feel to buck the system in public! Even less inclined to obey an order from some stranger -  wearing a badge or otherwise. simply put - following through on following orders or else!!!!! Just hasn`t been bred into today's kids! And that's our fault!"