NY prison escapee Sweat talking about his three-weeks on the run

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PLATTSBURGH, NY – Pop-tarts, the quick breakfast for folks on the run.

We’re now finding out how New York prison escapee David Sweat survived for 22 days in the North Country woods. And Pop-tarts played a part.

“He had maps. He had a certain amount of tools. He had bug repellant. He had wipes. He had Pop-Tarts,” said New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo.

A New York state trooper shot at Sweat as he was trying to duck back into the woods about two miles from the Canadian border. Sweat took two bullets to the torso, but he’s one tough hombre.

The doctor treating him at the Albany Medical Center posted on Facebook that following examination, doctors determined that Sweat did not require any surgeries at that time.

He apparently has told police he and Richard Matt planned to go to Mexico with their girlfriend Joyce Mitchell, who worked as a prison tailor.

But she backed out after learning her two guys planned to kill her husband who also worked at the prison.

Sweat says he dumped Matt five days ago because he was slowing them down.

An autopsy shows Matt died Friday after a border patrol agent shot him three times in the head.

Prison guard Gene Palmer faces charges of misconduct, tampering with evidence and promoting prison contraband in connection with the break.

In North Carolina, Kristopher Antonio McNeil is back in custody after busting out of a prison over the weekend,

And a correctional officer who may have helped him is behind bars. Kendra Lynette Miller faces several charges including having sex with an inmate.