Walmart apologizes for ISIS cake

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SLIDELL, LA - The South Carolina church massacre has reignited the debate about the Confederate flag. Some see it as a symbol of hate, others say it's part of their heritage.

The controversy surrounding the Stars and Bars has caused many major retailers like Walmart to ban the sales of all things Confederate, but someone forgot to tell one good ol' boy from Slidell, Louisiana.

Chuck Netzhammer is proud of his southern heritage and wanted to celebrate with a Confederate cake, but Walmart put the kybosh on that real quick. That didn't set well with Chuck, so he decided to conduct an experiment.

He went back the next day with a new design in mind: the ISIS flag. Believe it or not, Walmart actually decorated the cake with the ISIS flag on it. Netzhammer posted a video to YouTube showing off the black and white cake, and his utter disgust with Walmart.

"Walmart, can you please explain why you are alienating southern Americans with this trash you allow to be sold in your store," Netzhammer asks in his video that quickly got over half a million views.

The Walmart bakery associate was oblivious to the fact that the design was the symbol for the most vile people on the planet, but does it really come as a surprise to anyone? Afterall, we're talking about the same place that's responsible for some of the most hilarious cake wrecks. Go ahead, Google "Walmart cake fails" and check them out! You'll get a good laugh.

Walmart has apologized, saying the hate cake should have never been baked. The timing is ironic, because ISIS 'celebrated' its first birthday on June 29th.

Cake, anyone?