Pick-up drivers do donuts, stop traffic on Albuquerque interstate

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ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Eating donuts while driving. Come on, we’ve all done it. Then there are some folks who eat donuts while doing donuts.

Then there are some yahoos in Albuquerque, New Mexico part of a large group of pick-up truck drivers who blocked traffic and did donuts in the middle of the day on I-25.

Albuquerque police say they received seven 911 calls from witnesses. Some folks recorded video while dodging trucks coming from all directions.

Cops say at least one truck was stolen.

Duke city police say one suspect crashed into a car and pulled a gun on the driver before speeding off.

Utah state troopers had a different kind of highway hijinks: A woman driving in circles on the interstate near Ogden, sometimes going against the traffic.

At one point, a trooper tried to disable the SUV by hitting it, but the woman drove away with a damaged bumper.

The trooper then did a pit maneuver, causing the SUV to roll over.

The woman got out and tried to hijack a semi before five troopers finally subdued her.

It took eight emergency room personnel to hold her down once she got to the hospital.

Police think she may have been on some kind of drugs.

Or maybe she ate too many donuts and was riding on a real bad sugar high.