Traffic is at it’s worst in over 30 years

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HOUSTON, TX - Traffic is at it's worst in over 30 years. Like that's a big surprise, especially to drivers in Houston.

Deborah Sullivan knows the pain of dealing with traffic, "This is the worst. There's not one part of the freeway that they're not working on, name any one of them. They're all bad."

Numbers crunched by Texas A&M's Transportation Institute and data analysis firm Inrix, show commuters spend over 42 hours a year stuck in traffic, a whole work week!

Rosie Everson said, "When I'm on, I think they call it the 10. That freeway is crowded, I don't care what time of day you're in it or on it."

According to the numbers, 3.1 billion gallons of fuel are wasted as cars inch along American roads.

"Maybe more lanes to beltway 8 or the freeways, stuff like that, that would help a lot," according to Ezer Rasalvo.

It comes down to a cost of $160 billion to the economy, but on the positive side, according to researchers, traffic increases as the economy improves.

So as you're stuck in traffic, remember it could be worse. At least you have a job to go to as you're sitting in a traffic jam.