Walmart to no longer carry modern sporting rifles

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HOUSTON, Tx - Walmart, one of the country's largest gun and ammunition retailers, says it will no longer carry Modern Sporting Rifles, better known as MSRs.

Walmart cited a drop in demand as the reason for changing up their inventory when they announced the change Wednesday, but the decision was actually made months ago.

“We had made the decision earlier this year to remove the Modern Sporting Rifles, or the MSRs, from our assortment and instead focus on other hunting and sporting firearms such as shotguns and rifles, based on customer demand,” said Walmart spokesman Kory Lundberg.

That shift to more sporting and hunting firearms will be evident in the next couple of weeks, as Walmart brings in its fall merchandise, but the company says the change will only really be noticeable in the less-than 1/3 of Walmart's locations where MSRs were stocked.