Another fatal shooting as October turns into a deadly month on college campuses

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NASHVILLE, TN – October has turned into a deadly month on college campuses.

The latest incident occurred in Nashville, TN, Thursday night.

Police say the Tennessee State University shooting was over some dice shooting in an outdoor courtyard about 11 p.m. local time.

A non-student died and two other individuals were wounded with non-life threatening injuries.

Last week, someone shot three people attending a large house party near the TSU campus.

On October 9, police in flagstaff, Arizona, say a freshman student at Northern Arizona State University shot and killed another student and wounded three others in a dorm.

All four victims were members of the Delta Chi fraternity, but the alleged shooter was not.

In Houston, Texas Southern saw two shootings within 12 hours, with three total in one week.

One shooting outside an on-campus student housing complex, also on October 9, killed one student and wounded another person.

In August, just a few days into the school year, cops say a sophomore male student at TSU shot two non-students outside a dorm. One of them died later.

And on October 1, a gunman killed nine individuals at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.

Colleges and universities are supposed to be places of higher education, but lately they seem to have become places for dire education where survival has become required activity.