National Nacho Day

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HOUSTON, TX - Nacho cheese! Nacho cheese! It’s National Nacho Day.

One of the best days to wet you palate with the glorious taste of melted cheese and your choice of meat atop that wonderful, crispy, delicious, tortilla chip.

Many may not know the origin of the 70-year-old concoction.

Justin Saunders, manager at El Real Tex Mex Cafe, explains, "It actually started just on the other side of the border in Mexico. Some guest went into a restaurant and the waiter's name was Anacio...For those that don`t know nacho is actually short for Iganacio...They asked is there anything you can throw together for us. So he went in the back and there was some chips and some ground beef...he just kinda threw it all together...threw some cheese on top...and that`s where the legend started."

May today be a legendary nacho day for you. And tomorrow, we can all "taco" about it.