Vet recalls Vietnam as first U.S. war where ‘warriors took the blame’

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HOUSTON, TX-- Retired Army Colonel Albert Nahas went to Vietnam in 1968 as a platoon leader, but when he came home two years later, he walked into the airport restroom and threw away his fatigues. "It wasn't that I was embarrassed by the uniform," he says, "It's just that at that time, many warriors that were coming home chose not to draw attention to themselves because of all the protests."

Vietnam was the first significantly televised war, which led to large protests against not just the conflict but those fighting it. "All these things were totally divorced of the warriors, but the warriors took the blame for it," he says.

Warriors RememberedNahas has since gone on to compile a picture book of Vietnam memorials (including at least one in every state) called "Warriors Remembered." He hopes readers will treat the book like a travel log. "I wanted to encourage people to go visit those memorials," Nahas says, "not only to know they existed, but to pay honor to their fallen comrades who were remembered there."