Florida State University settles sexual assault case involving Jameis Winston

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TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA - Florida State University`s former star quarterback, Jameis Winston, was never charged or found guilty of rape, but FSU is still paying his accuser a football field worth of money.

We`re talking a pay-out of nine-hundred-fifty-thousand dollars, but the university is not admitting any wrongdoing.

It's the largest ever lump-sum settlement under Title IX, a federal statute that protects people from sexual discrimination in educational programs that get federal funding.

The case is based on a lawsuit filed a year ago by former student, Erica Kinsman. She claimed Winston raped her in 2012 and the university was indifferent to her report of sexual assault.

In a statement from her attorneys, Kinsman asserts "The Title IX lawsuit alleged that university officials concealed and obstructed the sexual assault investigation so that Mr. Winston could play football...."

She also argued she was continually harassed and denied educational opportunities under Title IX .

FSU has agreed to another play, too: a five-year commitment to awareness, prevention, and training programs.

Today`s settlement means two things. The accuser drops her lawsuit and Winston, who plays quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is definitely no longer on the defense.