MS family kills escaped prisoner who attacked them and held them hostage in their home

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VICKSBURG, MS –  A family is lucky to be alive after living through their version of  The Desperate Hours.

In the 1955 thriller, a prison escapee holds a family hostage.

But it was Rafael McCloud, not Humphrey Bogart, who terrorized the Vicksburg, MS, family when he broke into their home after busting out of jail.

Vicksburg cops arrested McCloud and his brother Akeem last June for murder after ghost hunters found the body of a woman inside the abandoned Kuhn Memorial State Hospital in Vicksburg.

That’s the spooky place investigated by the TV show Ghost Asylum.

Last week, Rafael McCloud used a makeshift weapon and took a jail employee hostage.

He’d been on the run since then when he found the house occupied by a mom and dad and their little kid.

Cops say he attacked them.

They don’t know how long he was in the house, but they say at one point, someone in the family fought back.

And that’s when someone got the family gun and shot McCloud dead.

McCloud pleaded not guilty in January to all the charges in connection with the woman found in the old hospital.

That leaves his brother on the hook, and he’ll probably be thinking twice about starring in a remake of The Desperate Hours, because it never turns out good for the bad guy.