Man beat up in NYC for looking like Shia Labeouf

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NEW YORK CITY, NY - If you're getting the crap beat out of you, there better be a damn good reason.

Being Shia Labeouf's doppelgänger is definitely not one of them!

That's what Mario Licato claims happened to him in New York City. A random passerby sucker punched him and yelled "this happened because you look exactly like Shia Labeouf".

Post-knockout, Licato took to his Instagram account. He thanked his attacker saying, "You boosted my self-esteem because he's pretty hot."

Well Mario, that's one way to look on the bright side.

The question remains, why on earth would someone go to those extremes just because of their resemblance to a total stranger?

There's no doubt Shia is a weird dude.

Remember that time he got kicked out of a Broadway show for slapping people's behinds? Or when he got arrested for jaywalking?

And who could forget this motivational vid? Can't help but wonder . . .  did this video rub the attacker the wrong way?

As for Mario, if anyone ever tries to hurt you for lookin' like Shia Labeouf again, you tell 'em that ain't you!

Keep that pretty face away from danger.