Houston rapper accused of pimping underage girls at Fifth Ward motel

HOUSTON — Sounds like another case of life imitating art.

The name for the song in his music video is "I Got A Problem," but it seems like wannabe Houston rapper and former Prairie View A&M football player Robert Primes does indeed have big problems. He was arrested Wednesday and charged with three counts of compelling prostitution of minors.

The arrest was part of a vice sting at the Advance Motel in Houston's Fifth Ward.

The motel manager said he cannot believe the alleged pimping was going on behind his back.

"I feel bad for that situation, you know, because I rent the room and after 2 - 3 o'clock, how he bring her over here, I don't know what's going to be happening after," Sammy Bahkte said.

Police say the young girls were runaways recruited by Primes.  People living in the area admitted to seeing them around.

But while the rapper is off-mic and currently behind bars at the Harris County Jail, his family members are vocal about his innocence. Primes' mother tell us, "Truth is truth. My son didn't do it!"

From college ball, to accused baller. The one thing we do know, Primes seems to be keeping it real in his rhythms.